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Strange Planet

"Dude! That snare sounds ridiculous!"

Built by Jeff Beck of Exeter Drum Works.

14x7" hybrid stave construction
African mahogany (20 staves)
Black walnut (10 staves

Champagne Drum Cito Tube lugs

Inde throw-off and butt

Canopus vintage dry snare wires

Hendrix sleeved washers on all tension rods

.5” thick with hand cut 3/32 snare beds

Inner 45 degree bearing edge with a slight round over outer edge.

The real star of this drum is the rare African mahogany figuring. This is more than just a drum. It’s a work of art. It’s one of a kind. The sound you can achieve is a combination of warm, punchy, deep and sensitive. She has a wide range of tuning for whatever style of music from jazz to rock.

Simply put, Jeff’s creation is a joy to play and I have been approached by several drummers after a show, intrigued by what the drum is and if they can get a closer look. I love to pull the snare drum off the stage, hand it to them and watch them gaze at it from all angles like kids watching a Christmas tree light up for the first time.

Vigent Custom Drums

Built by Dale Vigent of Vigent Custom Drums.

6.5 X14"
Hard Rock Maple
Steam bent shell

Trick throwoff and butt

Single point machined lugs

Canopus vintage dry snare wires

The first thing you notice about this amazing snare drum is the bright blue translucent gloss finish. Upon closer inspection you start to notice the flake as well as the grain of the beautiful New Hampshire maple.

A peek inside the shell and it become obvious this isn't your ordinary drum. There are no plies or stave segments. This is a solid piece of wood that is steam bent and expertly turned with integrated reinforcement rings. Dale's name is branded into the inside shell with his own custom branding iron. This thing is bananas!

How does it sound? Warm. Resonant. Full. It sounds like what a snare drum should sound like. But here's the thing; you hit into it, not at it. It has a different feel than ordinary drums that's hard to explain. Imagine when your stick strikes this drum, it's as if the stick becomes one with the shell for a split second. Not unlike striking a golf ball purely in the sweet spot of the club. You almost don't even feel it. Yeah, it's freaking butter!

Mahoney's Heart

Built by Jeff Beck of Exeter Drum Works.

14x6 3/8” Hawaiian Koa stave snare with African Wenge snare carrier staves for added articulation.
Slingerland style hoops, classic tube lugs
INDe Drum Lab throw and butt

Sabian phosphor bronze snare wires,

Remo Ambassador heads, and discontinued Hendrix Drums yellow sleeved washers on all rods.

Buttery warm with a quick decay, the Wenge staves give this shell a crisper attack than most Koa shells. A true pleasure to play and hear. No venting, as the majority of Exeter drums are not vented for increased articulation and sensitivity.

Look Ma! No Stands!

In an effort to reduce weight and reduce the overall footprint of my kit, I have successfully eliminated all floor stands for my ride and crash cymbals. Thanks to Ludwig's clever Atlas mounting system I'm able to mount my ride and crash cymbal directly off of my kick and floor tom. The first crash cymbal mounts off of my hi-hat stand using a clamp an Atlas scissor arm. The added bonus using Atlas mounts is quicker setups and breakdowns. Win-win!

Many drummers are amazed at how well this setup works. I have gigged for years using these Atlas mounts without any issues. My hardware bag is smaller and lighter as well.


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